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We supply electrode holder
German type, Janpanese type, American type, Netherlands type, Korean type, Italian type. 300A, 500A, 600A, 800A. light duty and heavty duty.
We also ...
We supply end mills:
End mills with parallel shank
End mills with morse taper shank
Keyway milling cutter with parallel shank
Keyway milling cutter with morse taper shank ...
We supply wire rope clips:
Cast iron wire rope clips, galv.
Drop forged wire clips JIS type
Galv. Malleable steel wire rope clips, type A & B
U. S. Type galv. Malleable steel ...
We supply all kinds of measuring tape:
Plastic case measuring tape
Steel case measuring tape
Rubber cover measuring tape
Transparant cover measuring tape
Color ABS case ...
We supply bench clamp.
QB type bench clamp
QG type bench clamp
QG high precision bench clamp
QH type bench clamp
QHK type bench clamp
Inclinable benc clamp
Rotary bench ...
We supply door pulls
A type: 3", 4", 5", 6"
C type: 60mm, 75mm, 90mm
Chrome plated
Small box packing
We supply furniture screws
Zinc plated
As below picuture
Electric digital caliper
Range: 0-150mm, 0-200mm, 0-300mm
Stainless steel, big size & small size screen
We supply iron light hinges, iron heavy hinges,
H hinges, square hinges, ball bearing hinges, bended
We supply shackles:
US type shackle, screw pin and round pin
US type D shackle, screw pin and round pin
US type bolt type anchor shackle
US type boltd type chain shackle ...
We supply carriage bolts.
DIN603, BS, ANSI standard.
Material: Carbon steel and stainless steel
Finish: Plain, black, zinc plated, hot dipped galvanized
We supply square hinges, flat head, ball head and
Squre hinges with ball bearing.
Taps & dies 110PCS/set metric size includes:
35PCS dies from 2x0.4 to 18x1.5
35PCS taps same sizes as dies
35PCS plug taps (bottoming): Same sizes as dies
1PC die handle 1" ...
Art no. Z1G-DK-0866
Length: 642mm
Voltage/freguency: 230v/50Hz
Rated input power: 1500-1700w
Hammer BPM: 1400/min.
Packed in blow moulding case with accessories
Hamemr drill Z1c-dk-24 (B2402)
Max. Drilling dia.: Concrete 4-24mm
Wood: 30mm
Voltage/frequency: 230v/50Hz
Rated input power: 620w
No-load speed: 0-840r/min.
Hammer BPM: ...
We supply iron oxde red
Specification:Fe2O3 %(Min.):95
190, 130

We also supply iron oxide yellow, black, green
Art no. Z1G-DK-0810
Length: 410mm
Voltage/frequency: 230v/50Hz
Rated input power: 900w
Hammer BPM: 2900/min.
Packed in plastic blow case with accessories
Art no. Z1G-DK-0813
Length: 386mm
Voltage/frequency: 230v/50Hz
Rated input power: 1050w
Hammer BPM: 3000/min.
Packed in metal case with accessories
Art no. Z1g-DK-2000
Length: 825mm
Voltage/frequency: 230v/50Hz
Rated input power: 2000-2300w
Hammer BPM: 1200/min.
Single drill work: 60J
We supply sleeve anchors, wedge anchors, drop in anchors,
Nylon anchors etc.
K12 series
K72 series
Size: 160mm/200mm/250mm/300mm/315mm/320mm/350mm/400mm/500mm/630mm

K72 seris cylinder center mounting four-jaw independent chucks are mounted to spindle ...
Demolition hammer ZIG0865
Length: 642mm
Rated voltage: 230v
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated input power: 1200w
Hammer RPM: 1400min.
In steel case with accessories
We supply rubber hose.
Oxygen and acetylene hose: For gas welding with oxygen, argon and helium
Two-tone combined welding hose: For gas wedling with oxygen, acetylene,
Argon ...
We supply wood screws bright mild steel
Flat head, oval head, round head
Slotted, phillips
Plain, blue zinc plated, yellow zinc plated, black