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We supply rubber hose.
Oxygen and acetylene hose: For gas welding with oxygen, argon and helium
Two-tone combined welding hose: For gas wedling with oxygen, acetylene,
Argon ...
Hand hold welding mask

seamless welding mask
Germany type welding mask
Continental type welding mask
Variable-welding mask
Red color/black color
Motorcycle safety helmet ...
Angle grinder art. No. FJ5011A
Voltage: 230v/50Hz 120v/60Hz
Current: 5.4A
Rated input power: 650w
No-load speed: 11000RPM
Dia. Of wheel: 115/125mm 4.5"/5"
Dia. Of hole: 22mm
We supply welding tools and welding acceseries.
Welding glass, welding gloves, working shoes, and dust masks.
If you interested with our products, plesae feel free to contact ...
Safety goggle with different colors: Red/yellow/black/transparant
Safety glasses
Welding goggle with round & square glass
We supply air impact wrench 1/2" normal and heavy duty, 3/4", 3/8", 1" ,basic type, painted type, with long anvil type and soft grip type.
We also supply all kinds of air tools ...
We supply caulking gun

Steel / alum.

Blue orange
Cordless drill
Voltage: 20.4v/21.6v/24v/30v
Chuck: 13mm
No load speed: 0-380min. /0-1140min.
Hammer frequency: 0-6080RPM/0-18240RPM
Torque control: 16 torque settings
Max. ...
We supply welding machine with stainless steel case:
Single-phase, portable fan-cooled, high duty cycle
Professional welder, step current adjustment, suit for various electrodes ...
Blower 8201
Wind pressure: 560
Wind colume: 2.4m3/2.8m3/min.
No-load speed: 13000RPM/16000RPM
Rated input power: 450w/600w
Length: 500mm
We supply shearing machine QC12Y series
2M -4M
We also supply hydraulic system bending machine
And mechanical shearing machine
Demolition hammer ZIG0865
Length: 642mm
Rated voltage: 230v
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated input power: 1200w
Hammer RPM: 1400min.
In steel case with accessories
We supply wood screws bright mild steel
Flat head, oval head, round head
Slotted, phillips
Plain, blue zinc plated, yellow zinc plated, black
Hammer drill 32mm ZIC-32 R3201
Max. Drilling dia. Concrete 32mm
Steel 16mm
Wood 40mm
Rated voltage: 230v
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated input power: 900w
No-load speed: ...
Hammer drill ZIC-DK-26A R2603
Max. Drilling dia. 26mm
Rated voltage: 230v
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated input power: 900w
No-load speed: 800r/min.
Hammer RPM: 3000min.
In ...
Cordless screwdriver
Voltage: 3.6v/4.8v
No-load speed: 150 min.
Function: Automatic spindle lock battery led
Max. Torque force: 2.5Nm
In platic case with accessories ...
Art no. Z1g-DK-2000
Length: 825mm
Voltage/frequency: 230v/50Hz
Rated input power: 2000-2300w
Hammer BPM: 1200/min.
Single drill work: 60J
We supply welding machine BX1 series.
Single-phase, fan-cooled, movable cable, thermostatic protection
Transformer structure, aluminium coil, stepless current adjustment,
Suit ...
We supply resin forced grinding disc and cutting disc
For metal / stone. Depressed center. Fiber reinforced.
MPA certificate available.
Angle polisher dB5901
Voltage: 230v/50Hz 120v/60Hz
Current: 12A
Rated input power: 1400w
No-load speed: 3000RPM
Dia. Of wheel: 180mm 7"
Dia. Of hole: 22mm 7/8"
K12 series
K72 series
Size: 160mm/200mm/250mm/300mm/315mm/320mm/350mm/400mm/500mm/630mm

K72 seris cylinder center mounting four-jaw independent chucks are mounted to spindle ...
We supply taps:
DIN351 HSS, UNC & UNF thread, 3PCS/set
DIN351 high carbon steel, BSW thread, 3PCS/set
DIN352 HSS, metric thread, 3PCS/set
DIN352 high carbon steel, metric ...
We supply iron oxde yellow
Specification:Fe2O3 %(Min.) 86

We also supply iron oxide red, black, green
We supply auger bits.
Size: From 6mm to 40mm
Length: 105mm, 150mm, 200mm, 230mm, 300mm, 400mm, 450mm
Material: High carbon steel
Surface treatment: Black & white, color ...
We supply dies:
Machine round thread dies
Hand round thread dies
Adjustable round dies
Material: HSS or alloy steel
Many standard available:
Din5159 ...
We supply lock wrench
Type WR-A, 5", 7", 10" and 3pcs/set
Type WR-B, 5", 7", 10" and 3pcs/set
Type CR, 5", 7", 10" and 3pcs/set
Type R, 10"
Type CD, 6.5"
Black finsih and ...
Hammer drill Z1C-DK-2610 (B2610)
Max. Drilling dia.: 20mm
Concrete: 26mm
Wood: 13mm
Steel: 30mm
Voltage/frequency: 230v/50Hz
Rated input power: 800w
No-load speed: ...
We supply bending machine, WC67Y series
25/1600 25/2000 25/2500
40/2000 40/2500
50/2500 50/3200
63/2500 63/3200
100/3200 100/4000
160/3200 ...